for health and wellness

Indra is a certified 500 hours Yoga Instructor and integrates Ayurveda principles into her practice and life. Studio31 offers Gentle Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda tradition.  

The yoga practice focuses on health and well being especially targeting a practice to manage arthritic conditions. Indra strives to maintain a balanced life and integrates Ayurveda principles into her practice and life and shares the wisdom of this ancient tradition with her clients.

Restorative Yoga and Private classes are also scheduled based on demand.


Yoga for Wellness

Come join us for a yoga class to release the stress of the day or week. Gentle Hatha Yoga focusing strength, stability, flexibility and increasing the range of motion through the major and minor joints in the body. Especially beneficial to people with weak joints and/or muscles. 

Hatha Yoga

Experience yoga as it was intended...simply to make you feel good mentally and physically.

Intuitive Yoga

Maintaining a small class of up to 4 students allows me to tune into the needs of my students. Intuitive Yoga is incorporated in the private Art/Yoga workshops.


Restorative Yoga

Offered by announcement or special requests. I love to time these with the full and new moons.

Benefits of yoga

The benefits of yoga is an endless list.  Here are the top five based on my own experience:

  1. Improves sleep and physical and mental well being.
  2. Improved focus on daily activities.
  3. Increased flexibility and strength allowing for ease of movement.
  4. Heightened awareness to your body and space improves intuition.
  5. A healthy body leads to a healthy mental disposition.

Gentle postures and stretches helping my clients find their full range of motion…suitable for anyone at any age who is stiff from other sports or just stress of modern life.

What my clients
say about the yoga

I use breathing techniques to help focus my clients through challenging poses to help build stability and strength.  

My flexibility and balance have improved. My commitment to scheduling physical/exercise time has a weekly purpose.

I feel tired, yet invigorated; I feel like I have done something good for my body and my soul; I feel I have done something for ME.
Local business owner
Allows me to be more nimble. The stretching certainly helps me with both my back and knees.
Thank you! My arthritis is much better since I started yoga with you. I felt good today. The Aryuvedic tips are great..and working for me!
Mother & Entrepreneur